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Your business is only as efficient as your least effective process

Are your staff fighting against the technologies and applications they use to get work done? Does work move around and around your business before you deliver value to your customers? Rockthorpe can help. Our optimisation services can help your business to engineer fit for purpose processes, putting efficiency at the heart of everything you do.

Our Services


Planning and delivering technology procurement solutions for your business. Rockthorpe can assist you in understanding your requirements, selecting relevant technologies and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, implementing solutions and support you throughout the procurement cycle.


Understanding how work happens within your business is the first step towards working efficiently. Rockthorpe can help you to identify areas where process improvements can be made and implement positive change within your business. By involving your frontline staff, we bring your teams along on the journey, empowering and enthusing your workforce.


Securing your business against cyber threats shouldn’t be afterthought. Rockthorpe, with our specialist security partners, can help you to understand your business’ cyber security posture and maturity, identify and put in place proportional security controls, and embed a positive cyber security culture throughout your business.

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